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Concerning the body’s good ghost or your astral double and astral flight. In the story of the great flood from the Old Testament, Noah didn't know if there was any habitable land. He sent out a dove from the ark to find out. After several tries, a dove returned with an olive branch. And Noah knew the flood was over.

Shamans often use the dove for similar missions., which is to say, to seek out useful information. According to Huichol myth Mother Dove Girl became the mother of a boy who became the sun. Shamans teach that we have two bodies, a host body and a spirit body. With practice, the spirit body (dove) can leave the host through the heart on a journey. All you have to do is give the spirit body the coordinates or an identifying feature of the location. Then fly.

Purity of heart and pure intentions are the rule. Shamans in their spirit travel go to the bottom of the deepest sea. They fly to the moon. They might spy on an enemy village or talk to the sister winds to see how the weather is going to fare. They might go talk to the dwarfs, the so-called little people or the seven arrows. In fact, they can take a look around any place they want. They often come back and tell marvelous tales of mermaids and moon creatures, monsters and giants and of meetings with the master spirits of the animals.

From early original notes for Find Your Spirit Animals, published by Duncan Baird, 2011, now published by Watkins Publishing, London.