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Animal Totems For Writers

The hummingbird writer has a lightness of spirit and works quickly and tirelessly to bring their message. They use colorful language.

The ant writer works systematically. They are productive and well organized.  They have their antenna out and listen for hints form the cosmic.

Lizard writers are able to surf through their subconscious to find the new path to get from A to B.  They are experts on the meaning of omens and dreams.

Flicker writes are often playwrights and screenwriters. They make creative leaps and their work is entertaining, even quirky.

Robin writers work early in the morning. It is a time of power for them and often connects to their dreams. Their work has a brightness and warmth.

The mountain goat writer’s prose is lean and muscular. They have great confidence and they can achieve the highest literary merit for their work.

The ladybug writer has faith in their prose which is meaningful, conscientious and true.  Their work usually centers around women.

The moose writer is bold and not afraid of any subject matter. Their writing is fearless, strong, clear and joyful. They will overcome any challenge.

The grizzly bear write will put their heart and soul into their writing.  They have a strong intuition. Their writing is transformative and healing. They often channel their prose.

Coyote writers are tricksters and can con you into believing anything. Their prose can have the impact of a sucker punch.

Dragon writers burn it up, breathing fire and smoke. Usually, they are protective of someone or something, such as a high ideal.

Dog writers are loyal to their genre. They excel in detective fiction. Their characterizations are infallible. They are logical and clever and develop unique styles.