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Medicine Cards - The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

Discover the original animal divining cards and book that millions of people worldwide have used for guidance, inspiration and help. This unique divination system draws upon ancient knowledge and the natural ways of animals.

Metaphysical Tool

The Number One metaphysical tool to help change your life! Based on the signs the natural world sends us and the wisdom of animals.

Over One Million Copies Sold

Over one million copies of Medicine Cards have sold internationally since first being published in 1988.

Published In Many Languages

Medicine Cards is published in many languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Greek and others.

Advanced Tools

Medicine Cards is an advanced tool for achieving personal growth and balanced living.

Importance Of Animal Signs

Learn the importance of animal signs in our daily lives and how these signs are powerful and meaningful to our life situations.

The Way To Healing

Medicine Cards readings guide the way to healing the emotions, mind, body and spirit, and provide insight into and understanding of one’s unique purpose.

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Medicine Cards Comments & Reviews

  • “Since the publication of the Cheyenne novel, Seven Arrows, [nearly 30 years ago] I haven’t seen anything so adventurous or beautifully executed as Medicine Cards…this handsome and inviting package [of cards and book] has much to teach us all.”
  • “A potent yet refreshingly simple divination tool that can help us reconnect to the sources of life’s natural guidance…extraordinarily well-crafted. This work is plentiful, overflowing with the richness of the Native American way of life.”
  • "Please extend a huge thank you to David and Jamie for Medicine Cards - they have played a huge part in my healing as I went through breast cancer treatment in 2017. They are my daily bible and inspiration and I spend at least 30 minutes with a card each morning and I have yet to choose one that hasn't been acutely accurate to my daily journey. "
  • "Someone gifted me your Medicine Cards in 1999. They opened the door to guidance and intuition and really offer our higher selves a marvelous communication tool to begin a dialogue with our own humanity. Thank you."
  • "I just received my order of Medicine Cards in the mail. When you wrote the book you decided to share something deep and beautiful and something that could help the world. You shared knowledge that was nurtured and developed by Native peoples. If I share there cards with others I wonder if some will feel I am engaging in cultural appropriation. If they knew my heart, they would know that it is only with the deepest honor that I learn these lessons."
  • "I recently purchased your medicine cards and would like to thank you for putting together such a wonderful guide."
  • "I got to know your cards through a friend here in Berlin, and then I went to Riga, Latvia and also meet another friend who had them. They always brought me a piece of mind, a wisdom, a momentum of reflection or relief. I took them to Rome, Italy and showed them to my Australian family and they also loved them."
  • "The reason I've mailed you is because the Medicine Cards have been in my family since I was a baby. My mums best friend died when I was five and she gave them to my mum as a present before passing. I now have my own pack and they travel everywhere with me."
  • "Hello David, I have been working with the animal cards for a year now and I'm so grateful to you for working on publishing this book and cards. Thank you! I love them and it's fascinating how I never read cards before but the animal spirits came to me and it's been beautiful. Thank you!"

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