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Helpful strategies for life, Medicine Card Readings have assisted people with relationship, career, spiritual and other issues for 25 years. Personal phone readings are available with David Carson by appointment. Please email or to request a reading. Readings are generally one hour long and the fee is $75.00 .  Purchase through PayPal (below) or check or money order to Wolf Child Press, P.O. Box 3068, Taos, NM  87571.

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Medicine Cards were conceived in vision and the power contained within the cards is real and pragmatic. In a card reading, the cards are placed on a medicine wheel, a sacred template for traversing life’s mysteries. When an animal appears in certain directions a subtle communication unfolds. In times past, the human family was in much closer contact with animals and understood their messages. We still can be if we open our hearts and listen. This shift of consciousness brings the possibility of change into our lives, the potential for transformation. The readings resulting from the various configurations of the cards as described in the accompanying book have strong and powerful effects.

In our changing times animals, humanity and the earth itself is endangered. We will continue to need direction. The strong medicine and guidance offered by Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, remains an essential tool for intuitive transformation of both people and planet.

The author has given card readings and seminars based on animal wisdom in many parts of the world and for thousands of individuals.

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